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“I’ve Got A Feeling”

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  • Published on 1970
  • Author: Lennon/McCartney
  • Track 8 on “Let It Be

PAUL 1969: (describing a guitar lick for the middle-eight, during the recording sessions) “It’s coming down too fast– the note. There shouldn’t be any recognizable jumps. Falling… Falling…”

About “I’ve Got A Feeling”

“I’ve Got a Feeling” was featured on Beatles’ final studio album, Let It Be, released in 1970. The song was credited to the songwriting partnership of John Lennon and Paul McCartney, as were most Beatles compositions, although it is primarily a composite of two separate songs written by Lennon and McCartney.

The song is notable for its energetic and raw rock sound, characteristic of many tracks on the Let It Be album. It features a dynamic vocal interplay between Lennon and McCartney. This juxtaposition is a characteristic feature of many Beatles songs, highlighting the diverse songwriting styles of the two.

“I’ve Got a Feeling” was performed by The Beatles during their famous rooftop concert on January 30, 1969, which was their last public performance as a band. This event is featured in the documentary film “Let It Be,” directed by Michael Lindsay-Hogg.

The song has become a beloved part of The Beatles’ catalog and remains a favorite among fans for its catchy melody, tight harmonies, and the emotional charge it carries.

Meaning of “I’ve Got A Feeling”

The lyrics suggest a feeling of positivity and confidence, possibly in the context of a romantic relationship. Lennon’s section of the song has a more reflective and introspective tone, while McCartney’s part is more upbeat and optimistic. This juxtaposition adds depth to the song’s emotional range.

In general, the lyrics express a sentiment of looking forward to a positive outcome or event. The repeated phrase “I’ve got a feeling” reinforces this sense of anticipation and confidence. The lyrics don’t provide specific details about what the feeling pertains to, leaving room for interpretation.

Like many Beatles songs, “I’ve Got a Feeling” is open to individual interpretation, and listeners may relate to it in various ways depending on their own experiences and emotions. Some may hear it as a song about the optimism and excitement of new love, while others might interpret it as an expression of hope for positive change or a sense of general well-being.

Ultimately, the meaning of “I’ve Got a Feeling” is subjective, and it can resonate with listeners in different ways depending on their personal perspectives and life situations.


The Beatles

  • Paul McCartney – bass guitar, lead vocals
  • John Lennon – rhythm guitar, lead vocals
  • George Harrison – lead guitar
  • Ringo Starr – drums

Additional musicians

  • Billy Preston – Fender Rhodes piano

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