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“I Me Mine”

Published on 1970
Author: Harrison
Track 4 on “Let It Be

George Harrison’s quote about “I Me Mine”

GEORGE 1980: “‘I Me Mine’ is the ego problem. I looked around and everything I could see was relative to my ego. You know, like ‘that’s my piece of paper,’ and ‘that’s my flannel,’ or ‘give it to me,’ or ‘I am.’ It drove me crackers– I hated everything about my ego– it was a flash of everything false and impermanent which I disliked. But later I learned from it– to realize that there is somebody else in here apart from old blabbermouth. ‘Who am I’ became the order of the day. Anyway, that’s what came out of it: ‘I Me Mine’ …it’s about the ego, the eternal problem.”

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