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“Dig It”

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  • Published on 1970
  • Author: Lennon/McCartney/Harrison/Starkey
  • Track 5 on “Let It Be

About “Dig It”

This 51-second version on the album Let It Be is an extract taken from a 12-minute jam (recorded at the Get Back/Let It Be Sessions in January 1969 at Apple Studio), which evolved from a loose “Twist and Shout” jam. A segment of the jam session, clocking in at 4:30, appears in the documentary film Let It Be. The participants in that session are John Lennon on vocals and George Harrison on guitar, Paul McCartney on piano, Ringo Starr on drums, and Billy Preston at the organ. The song is credited to all four members of the band. “Dig It” is a relatively short track, running just over a minute long.

“Dig It” is known for its simple, repetitive lyrics and a bluesy jam session feel. It features a basic chord progression and a loose, improvisational vocal style. The song is notable for its informal and spontaneous nature, giving listeners a glimpse into the band’s creative process during the recording sessions for the “Let It Be” album. It’s often considered more of an impromptu studio jam than a fully realized song.

Overall, “Dig It” is not one of The Beatles’ most well-known or critically acclaimed songs, but it remains an interesting and unique part of their discography, offering a glimpse into the band’s creative process during a tumultuous period in their history.

Meaning of “Dig It”

“Dig It” doesn’t have a particularly deep or complex meaning. It’s a very informal and spontaneous song that was essentially a jam session in the studio. The lyrics primarily consist of the repeated phrase “Like a rolling stone,” which is a nod to Bob Dylan’s song “Like a Rolling Stone.”

The song captures a loose, improvisational moment in the recording sessions for the “Let It Be” album. It’s more about the vibe and camaraderie of the band members during that time rather than conveying a specific message or narrative.

In essence, “Dig It” can be seen as a musical snapshot of The Beatles’ creative process and their camaraderie during a period of their career when they were experimenting with different musical styles and approaches.


  • John Lennon – lead vocals, six-string bass (Fender Bass VI)
  • Paul McCartney – vocals in full version, piano
  • George Harrison – vocals in full version, lead guitar (Fender Telecaster)
  • Ringo Starr – drums
  • Billy Preston – Hammond organ
  • George Martin – maracas

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