The Beatles' music: quotes and info

“One After 909”

  • Published on 1970
  • Author: Lennon/McCartney
  • Track 9 on “Let It Be

Beatles quotes about “One After 909”

JOHN 1980: “That was something I wrote when I was about seventeen. I lived at 9 Newcastle Road. I was born on the ninth of October– the ninth month. It’s just a number that follows me around, but numerologically, apparently I’m a number six or a three or something, but it’s all part of nine.”

PAUL circa-1994: “It was one that we always liked doing, and we rediscovered it. There were a couple of tunes that we wondered why we never put out– either George Martin didn’t like them enough to, or he favored others. It’s not a great song but it’s a great favorite of mine because it has great memories for me of John and I trying to write a bluesy freight-train song. There were alot of those songs at the time, like ‘Midnight Special,’ ‘Freight Train,’ ‘Rock Island Line,’ so this was the ‘One After 909.’ She didn’t get the 909, she got the one after it!”

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