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“Dear Prudence”

Beatles quotes about “Dear Prudence”

JOHN 1980: “‘Dear Prudence’ is me. Written in India. A song about Mia Farrow’s sister, who seemed to go slightly balmy, meditating too long, and couldn’t come out of the little hut we were livin’ in. They selected me and George to try and bring her out because she would trust us. If she’d been in the West, they would have put her away… We got her out of the house. She’d been locked in for three weeks and was trying to reach God quicker than anybody else. That was the competition in Maharishi’s camp– who was going to get cosmic first. What I didn’t know was I was ‘already’ cosmic.” (laughs)

PAUL circa-1994: “He (John) wrote ‘Dear Prudence, won’t you come out and play…’ and went in and sang it to her, and I think that actually did help.”

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