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“Sun King”

  • Published on 1969
  • Author: Lennon/McCartney
  • Track 10 on “Abbey Road

Beatles quotes about “Sun King”

JOHN 1969: “We just started joking, you know, singing ‘quando para mucho.’ So we just made up… Paul knew a few Spanish words from school, you know. So we just strung any Spanish words that sounded vaguely like something. And of course we got ‘chicka ferdy’ in. That’s a Liverpool expression. Just like sort of– it doesn’t mean anything to me but (childish taunting) ‘na-na, na-na-na!’ ‘Cake and eat it’ is another nice line too, because they have that in Spanish– ‘Que’ or something can eat it. One we missed– we could have had ‘para noya,’ but we forgot all about it.”

JOHN 1980: “That’s a piece of garbage I had around.”

GEORGE 1987: “At the time, ‘Albatross’ (by Fleetwood Mac) was out, with all the reverb on guitar. So we said, ‘Let’s be Fleetwood Mac doing Albatross, just to get going.’ It never really sounded like Fleetwood Mac… but that was the point of origin.”

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