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“All I’ve got to Do”

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JOHN 1980: “That’s me trying to do Smokey Robinson again.”

About “All I’ve got to Do”

It was one of three songs Lennon wrote solo for With The Beatles, with “It Won’t Be Long” and “Not a Second Time.” Lennon said that it was written specifically for the American market; the idea of calling a girl on the telephone was unthinkable to a British youth in the early 1960s.

In the United States, “All I’ve Got to Do” originally appeared on Meet the Beatles! (1964). According to Dennis Alstrand, the song is the first time in rock and roll or rock music in which the bass player plays chords as a vital part of the song.

Meaning of “All I’ve got to Do”

The lyrics of “All I’ve Got to Do” express a sentiment of longing and devotion. The singer is assuring his love interest that he doesn’t need to worry or doubt his feelings, as he is entirely committed to the relationship. The song conveys a sense of willingness to do whatever it takes to make their partner happy and to be there for them.

The repetition of the line “All I’ve got to do is think of you” underscores the idea that the person is always on the singer’s mind. The song’s melody and arrangement evoke a sense of tenderness and vulnerability, which is characteristic of many early Beatles ballads.

“All I’ve Got to Do” is a heartfelt expression of love and devotion, with lyrics that capture the depth of feeling in a relationship.


  • John Lennon – lead vocal, rhythm guitar
  • Paul McCartney – backing vocal, bass
  • George Harrison – backing vocal, lead guitar
  • Ringo Starr – drums

How to play “All I’ve got to Do” on guitar

“All I’ve Got to Do” features simple yet evocative guitar parts. Here are the chords and strumming patterns you’ll need to play this song:

Guitar score of “All I’ve got to Do”

How to play “All I’ve got to Do” on bass

“All I’ve Got to Do” features a simple yet effective bassline played by Paul McCartney. The following video shows how to play the bass part of the “All I’ve Got to Do”:

How to play bass part of “All I’ve got to Do”

“All I’ve got to Do” karaoke

For those who want to try singing “All I’ve got to Do”, in the following video features the karaoke version of the song:

Karaoke version of “All I’ve got to Do”

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