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“While My Guitar Gently Weeps”

George Harrison quotes about “While My Guitar Gently Weeps”

GEORGE 1980: “I had a copy of the I Ching– the Book of Changes, which seemed to me to be based on the Eastern concept that everything is relative to everything else, as opposed to the Western view that things are merely coincidental. The idea was in my head when I visited my parents’ home in the North of England. I decided to write a song based on the first thing I saw upon opening any book– as it would be relative to that moment, at that time. I picked up a book at random, opened it– saw ‘gently weeps’ –than laid the book down again and started the song. Some of the words to the song were changed before I finally recorded it.”

GEORGE 1987: “I worked on that song with John, Paul, and Ringo one day, and they were not interested in it at all. And I knew inside of me that it was a nice song. The next day I was with Eric Clapton, and I was going into the session, and I said, ‘We’re going to do this song. Come and play on it.’ He said, ‘Oh no. I can’t do that. Nobody ever plays on the Beatles records.’ I said, ‘Look, it’s my song, and I want you to play on it.’ So Eric came in, and the other guys were as good as gold– because he was there. Also, it left me free to just play the rhythm and do the vocal. So Eric played that, and I thought it was really good. Then we listened to it back, and he said, ‘Ah, there’s a problem though; it’s not Beatley enough.’ So we put it through the ADT (automatic double-track) to wobble it up a bit.”

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