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“When I Get Home”

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JOHN 1980: “That’s me again… another Wilson Pickett, Motown sound… a four-in-the-bar cowbell song.”

About “When I Get Home”

“When I Get Home” is a song written by John Lennon (credited to Lennon–McCartney), and recorded by the English rock band the Beatles on 2 June 1964, during the last session for their third studio album A Hard Day’s Night (1964). Its first US release was on the Something New LP.

Influenced somewhat by the Shirelles, “When I Get Home” is essentially a rock and roll number, but with unusual chord progressions. Lennon liked this particular ploy, and used it on many of his songs at the time. Typical also of this period of the Beatles is the vocal leap into falsetto.

After completing “When I Get Home” in 11 takes, the Beatles finished recording another Lennon song, “Any Time At All”, which they had started work on earlier that day. They also recorded Paul McCartney’s “Things We Said Today” during the same session.

A mono mix was made on 4 June 1964, although this was replaced when new mono and stereo mixes were made on 22 June.

The band Yellow Matter Custard covered the song for their CD/DVD release One Night In New York City. There have also been covers by The Rustix, Tony Visconti, and Alejandro Escovedo.

Meaning of “When I Get Home”

The lyrics of “When I Get Home” express a longing for a romantic partner and a sense of anticipation to be reunited with them. The narrator looks forward to returning home and being with their loved one, emphasizing the joy and comfort they find in their partner’s presence.

Lines like “I got no time for trivialities” and “I got a whole lot of things to tell her” convey a sense of urgency and eagerness to share their feelings with their beloved.

“When I Get Home” is a love song that celebrates the anticipation and excitement of being reunited with a loved one after being away. It conveys a sense of longing and the desire for intimate connection.


  • John Lennon – lead vocal, rhythm guitar
  • Paul McCartney – harmony vocal, bass, piano
  • George Harrison – harmony vocal, lead guitar
  • Ringo Starr – drums

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