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“Lady Madonna”

Published on 1965 – 1970
Author: Lennon/McCartney
Track 5 on “Past Masters Volume 2”

What the Beatles said about “Lady Madonna”

RINGO 1968: "It sounds like Elvis, doesn’t it? No, it doesn’t sound like Elvis… it IS Elvis. Even those bits where he goes very high."

JOHN 1980: "Paul. Good piano lick, but the song never really went anywhere. Maybe I helped him on some of the lyrics."

PAUL 1986: "’Lady Madonna’ is all women. How do they do it? –bless ’em. Baby at your breast, how do they get the time to feed them? Where do they get the money? How do you do this thing that women do?"

PAUL circa-1994: "The original concept was the Virgin Mary, but it quickly became symbolic of every woman– the Madonna image but as applied to ordinary working-class women. ‘Lady Madonna’ was me sitting down at the piano trying to write a bluesy boogie-woogie thing. It reminded me of Fats Domino for some reason, so I started singing a Fats Domino impression. It took my voice to a very odd place."

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