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JOHN 1969: “I think that’s about the best track on the album, actually.”

PAUL 1969: “I like George’s song ‘Something.’ For me I think it’s the best he’s written.”

GEORGE 1969: “I wrote the song ‘Something’ for the album before this one, but I never finished it off until just recently. I usually get the first few lines of words and music together, both at once… and then finish the rest of the melody. Then I have to write the words. It’s like another song I wrote when we were in India. I wrote the whole first verse and just said everything I wanted to say, and so now I need to write a couple more verses. I find that much more difficult. But John gave me a handy tip. He said, ‘Once you start to write a song, try to finish it straight away while you’re still in the same mood.’ Sometimes you go back to it and you’re in a whole different state of mind. So now, I do try to finish them straight away.”

GEORGE 1980: “‘Something’ was written on the piano while we were making the White Album. I had a break while Paul was doing some overdubbing so I went into an empty studio and began to write. That’s really all there is to it, except the middle took some time to sort out. It didn’t go on the White Album because we’d already finished all the tracks.”

About “Something”

“Something” is a timeless classic written by George Harrison. Released in 1969 as a part of their iconic album Abbey Road, the song stands as one of Harrison’s most acclaimed compositions and is widely regarded as one of the greatest love songs in the history of popular music.

The song’s arrangement is characterized by its exquisite melody and Harrison’s distinctive guitar work. The opening guitar riff is instantly recognizable, and it serves as a signature motif throughout the track. The instrumentation is layered with elegance, featuring Harrison’s soulful vocals, a gentle piano, and a restrained yet poignant orchestral arrangement that adds a touch of grandeur to the composition.

Harrison’s vocal delivery exudes sincerity and vulnerability, lending the song an intimate, heartfelt quality. His singing style complements the lyrics beautifully, conveying the depth of emotion present in every word.

“Something” holds a unique place in The Beatles’ repertoire for several reasons. It marked a significant milestone for George Harrison, as it was one of the first instances where his songwriting prowess was recognized on a grand scale. The song’s success also solidified Harrison’s status as a formidable songwriter alongside John Lennon and Paul McCartney, who were the primary composers for the group.

Over the years, “Something” has been covered by countless artists and has become an enduring anthem of love and devotion. Its universal themes and exquisite musicality continue to resonate with listeners across generations, reaffirming its status as a masterpiece in the annals of popular music.

Meaning of “Something”

“Something” is a love song that conveys deep and profound emotions. The lyrics express a sense of admiration and affection for someone special. The narrator is captivated by a person’s unique qualities, something intangible and indescribable, which draws them closer.

The song’s refrain, “Something in the way she moves / Attracts me like no other lover,” emphasizes the magnetic pull this person has on the narrator. It suggests an inexplicable connection that goes beyond physical attraction, touching on a deeper, more soulful level.

Throughout the song, George Harrison’s lyrics and heartfelt delivery convey a sense of genuine, enduring love. The sentiment is one of appreciation, devotion, and a desire to understand and be close to the person who has captured his heart.

“Something” is often interpreted as a heartfelt tribute to Harrison’s then-wife, Pattie Boyd. Harrison’s profound feelings for her are reflected in the lyrics, and the song remains one of the most enduring and beloved love ballads in the history of popular music. Its universal themes of love, attraction, and the mysterious qualities that draw people together continue to resonate with listeners around the world.


The Beatles

  • George Harrison – lead vocal, lead and rhythm guitars
  • John Lennon – piano
  • Paul McCartney – bass guitar, backing vocal
  • Ringo Starr – drums

Additional musicians

  • Billy Preston – Hammond organ
  • George Martin – string arrangement
  • Unidentified session musicians – twelve violins, four violas, four cellos, string bass

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