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“And Your Bird Can Sing”

Published on 1966
Author: Lennon/McCartney
Track 9 on “Revolver”

What the Beatles said about “And Your Bird Can Sing”

JOHN 1972: "Another horror."

JOHN 1980: "Another of my throwaways."

GEORGE 1987: "I think it was Paul and me, or maybe John and me, playing (guitar) in harmony– quite a complicated little line that goes through the middle-eight."

PAUL 1995: "One of my favorites on the Anthology is, ‘And Your Bird Can Sing,’ which is a nice song, but this take of it was one we couldn’t use at the time. John and I got a fit of the giggles while we were doing the double-track. You couldn’t have released it at the time. But now you can. Sounds great just hearing us lose it on a take."

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