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“There’s A Place”

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JOHN 1980: “‘There’s a Place’ was my attempt at a sort of Motown, black thing. It says the usual Lennon things: ‘In my mind there’s no sorrow…’ It’s all in your mind.”

About “There’s A Place”

“There’s A Place” is the second track on the album Please Please Me, released in March 1963
It was primarily written by John Lennon but it is credited to McCartney and Lennon.

This song was released by the Beatles in the United States in the summer of 1963, on their first american LP “Introducing… The Beatles,” and was later reissued by the band in January 1964, as beatlemania swept the country. A non-album single version of this song was also issued in the US in March 1964 as the B-side to “Twist and Shout“, and reached number 74 in the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

According to Paul McCartney, the title of the track was derived from “There’s a Place for Us”, a song that can be found on the soundtrack album of the 1961 film West Side Story. In the lyrics of the song, the singer speaks of his ability to overcome his loneliness by retreating into his inner world.

“There’s a Place” has been well received by music critics. Reviewers have praised the harmonies in this song as well as recognizing the lyrics as holding a depth not commonly found in contemporary pop songs that were currently on the charts. Some have interpreted it as a precursor of the later introspective songs of the Beatles, and Lennon in particular, which can be heard in songs like “I’m Only Sleeping” and “Tomorrow Never Knows“.

Meaning of “There’s A Place”

The song’s lyrics express a comforting sentiment of finding solace and peace in a special place within one’s own mind. The lyrics of “There’s a Place” evoke the idea of an inner sanctuary or a mental refuge. It’s a place of personal retreat and tranquility, where one can go to find solace and escape from the challenges and complexities of the outside world.

The song touches on the importance of having a mental space where one can find emotional respite. It suggests that, even in moments of difficulty, there is a place within ourselves where we can seek comfort and reassurance. The song’s themes of inner contemplation and finding a mental refuge are characteristic of the introspective nature of many early Beatles songs.

“There’s a Place” celebrates the universal need for moments of emotional respite and reflection, and it showcases The Beatles’ early musical innovation and ability to convey deep emotions through their music.


  • John Lennon – vocal, harmonica, rhythm guitar
  • Paul McCartney – vocal, bass
  • George Harrison – backing vocal, lead guitar
  • Ringo Starr – drums

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