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“I’ll Follow the Sun”

Listen to “I’ll Follow the Sun”

JOHN 1972: “A nice one.”

JOHN 1980: “That’s Paul again. Can’t you tell? I mean– ‘Tomorrow may rain so/ I’ll follow the sun.’ That’s another early McCartney, you know… written almost before the Beatles, I think. He had alot of stuff.”

PAUL 1988: “I wrote that in my front parlour in Forthlin Road. I was about 16. There was a few from then– ‘Thinking Of Linking,’ ever heard of that one? So ‘I’ll Follow The Sun’ was one of those very early ones. I seem to remember writing it just after I’d had the flu… I remember standing in the parlour looking out through lace curtains of the window and writing that one. We had this hard R&B image in Liverpool, so I think songs like ‘I’ll Follow The Sun,’ ballads like that, got pushed back to later.”

About “I’ll Follow the Sun”

“I’ll Follow the Sun” is a ballad written and sung by Paul McCartney. It was released in 1964 on the Beatles for Sale album in the United Kingdom and on Beatles ’65 in the United States. The band played the song on the BBC program Top Gear, and the track was released on On Air – Live at the BBC Volume 2 in 2013.

The song was released as a mono extended play 45 in 1964 on Parlophone/EMI (and in 1995 as a B-side to “Baby It’s You“). In Sweden, it reached number one on the Tio i Topp chart in July and also peaked at number four on Sweden’s Kvällstoppen Chart.

Meaning of “I’ll Follow the Sun”

The lyrics of “I’ll Follow the Sun” convey a sense of longing and dedication. The narrator is expressing a willingness to go wherever love takes him, even if it means leaving behind familiar places and people. The sun is used metaphorically to represent the direction that love leads, and the narrator is prepared to follow it without hesitation.

The song’s tone is somewhat melancholic, as it reflects on the uncertainty and impermanence of love. The narrator understands that love can sometimes be transient, but he is committed to following it nonetheless.

“I’ll Follow the Sun” is a beautifully written and heartfelt ballad that showcases Paul McCartney’s talent for crafting emotionally resonant songs. It remains one of The Beatles’ beloved and enduring tracks.


  • Paul McCartney – lead and harmony vocals, acoustic guitar
  • John Lennon – harmony vocal
  • George Harrison – electric rhythm guitar, guitar solo
  • Ringo Starr – percussion

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