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“I Feel Fine”

Beatles quotes about “I Feel Fine”

JOHN 1964: “George and I play the same bit on the guitar together– that’s the bit that’ll set your feet a-tapping, as the reviews say. The middle-eight is the most tuneful part, to me, because it’s a typical Beatles bit.”

JOHN 1972: “This was the first time feedback was used on a record. It’s right at the beginning.”

JOHN 1974: “I wrote this at a recording session. It was tied together around the guitar riff that opens it.”

JOHN 1980: “That’s me completely. Including the guitar lick with the first feedback anywhere. I defy anybody to find a record… unless it is some old blues record from 1922… that uses feedback that way. So I claim it for the Beatles. Before Hendrix, before the Who, before anybody. The first feedback on record.”

PAUL circa-1994: “John had a semi-acoustic Gibson guitar. It had a pick-up on it so it could be amplified… We were just about to walk away to listen to a take when John leaned his guitar against the amp. I can still see him doing it… and it went, ‘Nnnnnnwahhhhh!” And we went, ‘What’s that? Voodoo!’ ‘No, it’s feedback.’ Wow, it’s a great sound!’ George Martin was there so we said, ‘Can we have that on the record?’ ‘Well, I suppose we could, we could edit it on the front.’ It was a found object– an accident caused by leaning the guitar against the amp. The song itself was more John’s than mine. We sat down and co-wrote it with John’s original idea. John sang it, I’m on harmonies.”

About “I Feel Fine”

“I Feel Fine / She’s A Woman” cover

The Beatles released “I Feel Fine” as their eighth single in November 1964 backed by “She’s A Woman”. The song was written by John Lennon and credited to the Lennon-McCartney partnership. One of the earliest uses of guitar feedback in popular music can be found on this recording.

Among the countries that charted the single were the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Ireland, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway and Sweden. The song was the fifth-best-selling single of the 1960s in the UK

During the recording of “Eight Days a Week” in October 1964, Lennon wrote the guitar riff and kept playing it between takes. George Harrison and Lennon both said that the riff was influenced by a riff in Bobby Parker’s 1961 song “Watch Your Step”, which the Beatles covered in 1962 and 1963. “I Feel Fine”‘s drums were inspired by Ray Charles’ 1959 single “What’d I Say?”, according to McCartney.

Having mastered the studio basics, the Beatles began looking for inspiration in noises previously dismissed as mistakes (such as twisted tapes, electronic goofs, and talkback). In popular music, “I Feel Fine” represents one of the earliest instances of feedback being used as a recording effect. The Kinks and the Who had already used feedback live, but Lennon remained proud of the fact that the Beatles were perhaps the first to put it on vinyl.


  • John Lennon – double tracked lead vocal, lead/rhythm guitar
  • Paul McCartney – harmony vocal, bass guitar
  • George Harrison – harmony vocal, lead guitar
  • Ringo Starr – drums