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  • Published on 1963
  • Author: Luther Dixon / Wes Farrell
  • Track 5 on “Please Please Me

About “Boys”

“Boys” is a song written by Luther Dixon and Wes Farrell, originally recorded by the Shirelles at Bell Sound Studios in New York City and released as the B-side of their “Will You Love Me Tomorrow” single in November 1960.

The Beatles covered “Boys” on their first album released in the UK, Please Please Me. It was recorded at Abbey Road Studios on February 11, 1963 in a single take, and is Ringo Starr’s first recorded lead vocal with the Beatles. February 11 was a marathon day for the Beatles; they recorded 10 of the 14 tracks they needed for Please Please Me The Beatles included two songs by the Shirelles on their first album, “Boys” and “Baby It’s You

Meaning of “Boys”

The lyrics of “Boys” playfully convey a flirtatious and light-hearted perspective on romance. The narrator expresses his interest in girls and his excitement about spending time with them. It’s a cheerful, upbeat song that captures the youthful exuberance of young love.

Lines like “I’ve been told when a boy kisses a girl, take a trip around the world” and “Well, boys, they’re never sadder than one day gone” illustrate the carefree and joyful nature of the song.

“Boys” is a fun and energetic song that celebrates the innocent and carefree spirit of young romance. It showcases the Beatles’ ability to infuse their music with a sense of playfulness and charm.


  • Ringo Starr – vocals, drums
  • John Lennon – rhythm guitar, backing vocals
  • Paul McCartney – bass, backing vocals
  • George Harrison – lead guitar, backing vocals

How to play “Boys” on guitar

In “Boys”, the guitars play prominent roles in creating the energetic and upbeat feel of the song. The Beatles’ version is characterized by its lively rhythm and catchy melody.

The guitar work in “Boys” consists of a driving rhythm played on electric guitars, providing a solid foundation for the song. It includes a combination of chords and strumming patterns that contribute to the song’s overall groove. The lead guitar also plays a melodic line that complements the vocal harmonies.

The guitar work in “Boys” contributes to the song’s youthful and exuberant sound, making it a memorable track in the Beatles’ early catalog.

The next two videos feature how to play the guitar parts, rhythm and lead:

Guitar cover with tab of “Boys” rhythm guitar
Guitar cover with tab of “Boys” lead guitar

How to play “Boys” on bass

In the Beatles’ version of “Boys” the bass guitar plays a crucial role in providing a solid and driving rhythm for the song. The bassline in “Boys” features a steady and propulsive rhythm that complements the upbeat nature of the song. It provides a foundation for the rest of the instruments, including the guitars and drums, to build upon.

McCartney’s bass playing in this song, as in many other Beatles tracks, adds a distinct musicality and contributes to the overall groove and energy of the song. The bass in “Boys” is a fundamental element that helps shape the song’s sound and contributes to its infectious and danceable quality.

The following video features how to play the bassline of “Boys”:

Guitar cover with tab of “Boys” bassline

“Boys” karaoke

For those who want to try singing “Boys”, the next video features the karaoke version of the song:

Karaoke version of “Boys”

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