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“Bad Boy”

About “Bad Boy”

“Bad Boy” is one of several Larry Williams songs the Beatles recorded during their career. The group recorded it on May 10, 1965, (William’s birthday), along with his song “Dizzy, Miss Lizzy“, which was intended for North American release only. A version of “Bad Boy” was released on the American album Beatles VI in June 1965, while a version of “Dizzy, Miss Lizzy“appeared on the British album Help! in August of that year. After being released in December 1966 as part of the compilation A Collection of Beatles Oldies, “Bad Boy” was also released worldwide on the 1988 compilation Past Masters Vol. 1, as well as its 2009 reissue, Past Masters, which combined both volumes.

In 1966 “Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)“, “I’m Looking Through You” and “In My Life” were released on an EP in Sweden together with “Bad Boy”. As a result of this EP’s success, the song hit number seven on the Swedish sales chart Kvällstoppen and number five on the Swedish radio chart Tio i Topp in December of the same year.


  • John Lennon – lead vocal and rhythm guitar
  • Paul McCartney – bass
  • George Harrison – double-tracked lead guitar
  • Ringo Starr – drums

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