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“All You Need Is Love”

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PAUL 1967: “We had been told we’d be seen recording it by the whole world at the same time. So we had one message for the world– Love. We need more love in the world.”

PAUL circa-1994: “‘All You Need Is Love’ was John’s song. I threw in a few ideas, as did other members of the group, but it was largely ad libs like singing ‘She Loves You’ or ‘Greensleeves’ or silly little things like that at the end, and we made those up on the spot.”

About “All You Need Is Love”

All You Need Is Love” was released in July 1967 as a non-album single. The song was written by John Lennon and credited to the Lennon–McCartney partnership. EMI Studios in London filmed the band performing the song as Britain’s contribution to Our World, the first live multinational multi-satellite television production on 25 June 1967. Over 400 million people in 25 countries watched the program via satellite. Signs and streamers decorated the studio during the broadcast, and members of the Rolling Stones, Who, and Small Faces wore psychedelic clothing. The Beatles’ manager, Brian Epstein, described the performance as their “finest.”

For the show’s international audience, Lennon’s lyrics were intentionally simplistic, capturing the utopian ideals associated with the Summer of Love. The single reached the top of the sales charts in Britain, the United States, and many other countries, and became an anthem for the counterculture’s embrace of flower power.

The release of “All You Need Is Love” coincided with the peak of the Beatles’ popularity and influence following the release of their album Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. As part of the orchestral arrangement, George Martin incorporates a portion of the French national anthem and ends with excerpts from Glenn Miller’s “In the Mood”, “Greensleeves”, and Bach’s Invention No. 8 in F major, and the Beatles’ 1963 hit “She Loves You“.

All You Need Is Love” was later included on the US Magical Mystery Tour album and was used as a moral in Yellow Submarine, a 1968 Beatles animated film. Despite its association with the Summer of Love ethos and Lennon’s legacy as a humanitarian, numerous critics found the song’s message naive in retrospect, particularly during the 1980s. In honor of the Beatles’ Our World performance, Global Beatles Day is celebrated every year on 25 June.

Meaning of “All You Need Is Love”

The central message of “All You Need Is Love” is one of universal love, unity, and peace. The song’s lyrics are straightforward and repetitive, emphasizing the simple but profound idea that love is the most important and powerful force in the world. The chorus repeats the phrase “All you need is love” several times, along with the assertion that “Love is all you need.”

The song was written as a contribution to Our World, a live global television broadcast that took place on June 25, 1967. The Beatles were asked to perform a song that would be understood by people all around the world, and they chose “All You Need Is Love” to convey a message of unity and harmony.

“All You Need Is Love” is celebrated for its positive and timeless message, and it has become an iconic anthem for peace and love. It remains one of The Beatles’ most famous and beloved songs.


  • John Lennon – lead and backing vocals, harpsichord, banjo.
  • Paul McCartney – bass, double bass, backing vocals.
  • George Harrison – lead guitar, violin, backing vocals.
  • Ringo Starr – drums.

How to play “All You Need Is Love” on bass

The bassline in “All You Need Is Love” is one of the defining features of the song. It was played by Paul McCartney and contributes significantly to the song’s catchy and uplifting feel. It is relatively straightforward, making it accessible for beginners while still providing an enjoyable challenge for more experienced players. The bassline in “All You Need Is Love” is a prime example of McCartney’s ability to create memorable and effective basslines that complement the song’s overall musicality.
The following video features “All You Need Is Love” bass cover with tab:

“All You Need Is Love” bass cover with tab

“All You Need Is Love” Karaoke

Here is the karaoke version of “All You need is Love” to practice singing the song:

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