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“Mr. Moonlight”

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About “Mr. Moonlight”

The first known recording of the song was by blues pianist Piano Red, recording as “Dr. Feelgood and the Interns”. It was released as a b-side of a minor rhythm & blues hit single (titled “Dr. Feelgood”) in 1962.

The record became something of a cult favorite among several young British R&B enthusiasts, some of whom would soon go on to become members of well-known bands. The Beatles covered the song in their live act years before it appeared on record; another emerging Beat group, The Hollies, recorded and released their own performance of the same song nearly simultaneously with The Beatles’ version.

The Beatles’ recording of the song remains the most well-known version, featuring a rough lead vocal by John Lennon, classic Beatle harmonies, and a rolling organ solo. Despite this, it is cited by a few as possibly the worst song The Beatles ever recorded.

Meaning of “Mr. Moonlight”

The lyrics of “Mr. Moonlight” are about a person who is seeking solace and advice from the moonlight. The narrator turns to the moon as a source of comfort and companionship, suggesting a sense of loneliness or heartbreak. The moon is personified as “Mr. Moonlight,” portraying it as a figure with whom the narrator can share their troubles.

Despite its catchy melody, “Mr. Moonlight” is often considered one of the less successful tracks in The Beatles’ catalog. The song’s somewhat unusual theme and lyrics have been subject to some criticism, and it’s not as well-known or frequently discussed as many of their other songs.

“Mr. Moonlight” is a somewhat obscure entry in The Beatles’ discography, known more to dedicated fans than to casual listeners.


  • John Lennon – vocal, rhythm guitar.
  • Paul McCartney – harmony vocals, bass, Hammond organ.
  • George Harrison – harmony vocals, lead guitar, African drum.
  • Ringo Starr – conga.

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