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“It’s All Too Much”

Published on 1969
Author: Harrison
Track 5 on “Yellow Submarine”

What the Beatles said about “It’s All Too Much”

GEORGE 1980: "’It’s All Too Much’ was written in a childlike manner from realizations that appeared during and after some LSD experiences and which were later confirmed in meditation."

GEORGE 1999: "I just wanted to write a rock ‘n roll song about the whole psychedelic thing of the time– ‘Sail me on a silver sun/ Where I know that I am free/ Show me that I’m everywhere/ And get me home for tea.’ (laughs) Because you’d trip out, you see, on all this stuff, and then whoops! you’d just be back having your evening cup of tea! ‘Your long blond hair/ And your eyes of blue’ –that was all just this big ending we had, going out. And as it was in those days, we had the horn players just play a bit of trumpet voluntarily, and so that’s how that ‘Prince Of Denmark’ bit was played (in the fade-out). And Paul and John just came up with and sang that lyric of ‘your eyes of blue.’"

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